Charleston: Change


“I have been changed…Like any process of learning, I believe a teacher has been involved. I have been helped along the way, guided and nurtured. Perhaps you feel this way too. The process of spiritual change, the shaping of a soul, is a relationship. It is the endless possibility when a student connects with a teacher.”

Bishop Steven Charleston daily Facebook message

Ann's garden constantly changing

Ann's garden constantly changing

I search for words to talk about what it is like to try to follow a rule of life and work with a spiritual director, and then I read Bishop Charleston’s daily message on Facebook and know he always expresses what I want to say so much better.  When relationships with others are more important, when I am open to changes in my life, there is a sense of peace and love for others. When I appreciate spiritual relationships, when I try to follow a rule of life, I also paradoxically find myself spending more time just staring out the window and watching nature. The trees, the flowers, the leaves, the birds change around me constantly teaching me more about change. I need more quiet time to process it all. I long to spend time with others who have experienced this peace, but at the same time I am open to sharing what I have been taught and learn even more about change.

We all have something to teach each other about change and the changing movement of the Spirit within, between,  around, and above us.