Schmidt: Feng Shui 2

Guest Writer: Frederick Schmidt

Schmidt: Feng Shui 2

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” Alice Walker


Not everyone who considers themselves spiritual necessarily takes that larger responsibility into consideration.  In fact, most of us are taught that spirituality is about getting God involved in our lives, fixing our problems, comforting us when we are down, showing us the way.  Our culture has taught us to think that way; and some spiritualities are devoted to that understanding of the spiritual life.

Now, at one level, I’m all for God being involved in my life.  I don’t relish having problems.  When God seems particularly close I enjoy the palpable sense of peace that goes along with such moments and I never mind knowing what to do next.  But, at the same time, I don’t think that is the purpose of the spiritual life. 

We have a larger responsibility.  Feng shui doesn’t quite capture that responsibility, but it hints at a concept found in the Torah, in the prophets, and the teaching of Jesus --- pretty much the entire Bible, in fact.  It’s called the righteousness of God --- the order God intended, to put it in more accessible terms.  Put another way, we are called into partnership with Jesus to care about the way in which the world around us does or does not conform to God’s design. 

Contributing to the righteousness of God won’t be as easy as rearranging the furniture in a room.  Doing that in our world is a much bigger job.  Not everyone will think that God’s opinion on where the furniture should go will agree with us.  We won’t even agree among ourselves on where it should be all the time.  And this side of eternity the furniture will never be where all of it should be.

But we can witness to making God’s righteousness a reality.  We can make personal choices and relate to one another in ways that reflect the presence of God in our lives.  Those may not be large pieces of furniture, but it’s a good place to start.

Frederick Schmidt