Burton: Scars


Winters, Burton: Scars

Guest writer Larry Burton

“Scars are not signs of weakness, they are signs of survival and endurance.”  Rodney A. Winters,  Go Into the House



Though I have been listening to the spiritual hopes, concerns, and pleas of faithful people for more years than I care to count, I am still distressed when I hear words and sighs that signal the possibility of despair.  I know I have no power in situations like that, however much I want to make things better; however much I want to offer hope.

My friend just sat there amid a loud stillness.  He had been struggling with forgiveness for some time.  He felt betrayed by a colleague who had deliberately lied about him, the result was being expelled from a group he enjoyed.  Without recourse, I was afraid he might fall into a depression.  I said nothing.  I couldn’t find words.  But then he began to speak.  He said he had been praying, almost desperately one day before midweek Eucharist.  Quietly, gradually a word impressed itself into his consciousness: endure.  As he told me about this experience there was a sense that something had changed for him, something important.  I knew he would retain the scars as injustice, but we both knew he would indeed endure for the sake of the Gospel.

Larry Burton

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