Charleston Short List of Spiritual Advice

Short List of Spiritual Advice Charleston

“The Seekers Shortlist of Spiritual Advice: (1) Keep it simple, keep it sacred, (2) Ask yourself "why" at least once a day, (3) Make silence since it is hard to find naturally, (4) Be mindful of being mindful, (5) Use all the different ways you pray, (6) Spend as much time in mystery as in understanding, (7) Do what you liked to do when you were a child, (8) Practice listening as a skill, (9) Give what you can to as many as you can, (10) Turn worry into hope by doing something you would define as positive change.”

Bishop Steven Charleston

Steven Charleston seems always to speak to me. He writes these pieces in the early morning and sends them out on Facebook where I am one of 10,000 who read his posts. He is a Native American elder, a citizen of the Choctaw Nation, and a bishop in the Episcopal Church. You can also read his books through Red Moon Publications, Hope as Old as Fire, Cloud Walking, Climbing Stairs of Sunlight, Arrows of Light, and Turn to the Wild Wind.

These suggestions for today’s reading are essential simple means of staying connecting to God. One idea is to refer to this list every day. Pick one suggestion and follow for that day or for a week and then go down the list one idea at a time daily or weekly.  No skipping! Today, I have an easy one to follow, number 7.  I am going out to lunch and then to see the Disney new movie, Beauty and the Beast, with my 10 and 12-year old grandchildren and my husband.