Rohr Holy Spirit Service

Rohr      Service

“If your spiritual practice doesn’t lead you to some acts of concrete caring or service, then you have every reason not to trust it.”   Richard Rohr, Adapted from Richard Rohr, Near Occasions of Grace (Orbis Books: 1993), 107-108. From Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation from Center for Action and Contemplation

Rafting on the rapids of the Snake River with friends and family

Rafting on the rapids of the Snake River with friends and family

 Richard Rohr gives us an outstanding benchmark to determine if our spiritual practices are relevant, if this practice is really working for us. If the practice leads to service or caring for others, then we are on the right track. When friends come for spiritual direction and talk about being “dry”, this can be a good test to use to determine if they should change their spiritual practices. If they are still feeling compassion for others, we might suggest to keep going with the practice a little longer. If there is no concern for others, this may be a sign to try another spiritual practice to find connection to God.

If the Spirit is working in our lives, there is only one way it can go, and that is outward. The Holy Spirit is not a halo but more like a river on the move. It can be like the current in the mighty Mississippi flowing downstream to the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly. On occasion, it can be like the rapids on the Snake River. Watch out!  We will need to keep our life jackets on and stay close to our community for this one.  When we are connected to the Love of God, it must flow outward. When we are aware of God, the Christ within ourselves, it can only flow out and lead us to seeing the Christ in another.


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