Giving Anger to God

“[Destructive] anger crucifies Christ. Destructive anger is our sickness. Our medicine is God’s taking our anger. If we do not give it to God we are not healed of it. We are in bondage to our anger and are not free until our resentment is buried in God. Yes, as shocking as it sounds, we worship God by expressing our honest anger at God.”

C. Fitzsimmons Allison, Guilt Anger and God

photo by Joanna ES Campbell

photo by Joanna ES Campbell

Anger is one of our highest energy sources. For generations women were taught they could not express it. They kept it in and did terrible things to their bodies, their souls, and anyone who came in contact to them. Men did the same with not being able to show tears which in some way remains our body’s expression of the anger that is not expressible.

The key, of course, is transforming the energy to constructive energy just as plants transform energy from sunlight to change carbon dioxide, our waste product, and water to sugar for plant food and then give off oxygen, the essential by product for our survival. The plant world is our role model. We are to photosynthesize our anger that for us is like carbon dioxide, which if retained in our bodies can kill us.

Amazing how just going outside being near plants, our mentors, is one of the best ways to start the process. Waiting is part of the process. When we are first responders to an event calling up anger, often a disaster, the energy gets scattered all over the atmosphere bumping into the closest survivors, often those we most love. Very few know how to be well trained first responders to anger.

Some of the many other transformative processes for anger are walking, music, writing. I have so many angry moments that have been transformed by my harp strings.

Daily, sometimes hourly, sometimes constant prayers are major transforming spiritual exercises. We can give our anger to God to transform it by honoring the anger with a constant prayer mantra, such as the Jesus Prayer. This has been my own personal gift to God asking for a surgical remedy.

We begin to see signs of transformation of the cancer anger can bring to our souls when we begin to know compassion for others, often others who were injured besides ourselves.

Being in a community where we can safely share our difficulty and see role models who have experienced transformation is another important process for the change.

We rise up out of bed and are called to action that will lead to more compassion. The icon for this was the Women’s March, January 21, 2017, after the inauguration and what happened, more marches, more people, especially women but also men involved where they never walked before.

The absolute test of the transformation is when we begin to feel even the least amount of compassion for those who injured us and others, those who brought on the anger. We begin to see that this happened because they also suffered and never knew the transformative process whose by product is lifesaving love.

Transformation of anger also goes by another name. Resurrection.