“The only choice we have as we mature is how to inhabit our vulnerability...” David Whyte, “Vulnerability,”, Quote of the Day, Church of the Saviour, October 3, 2018.

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Vulnerability. Poet David Whyte gives us one word to take with us today. Vulnerability, however, does not live alone but resides in a word community.

Intimacy. Another word that lives with vulnerability. We allow someone whom we trust to see and hear our inner concerns and thoughts and highs and lows.

Humility is also a close family member of this word community. We don’t think of ourselves as any better than someone else.

Humanness whispers in the ear of vulnerability. We are to take off our mask of perfection. We promptly are to admit to others our mistakes and learn from them.

Forgiveness must also be a beloved companion of Vulnerability. We are to ask for Forgiveness when we have wronged others as well as being capable of forgiving ourselves for our mistakes.

Vulnerability, Intimacy, Humility, Humanness, Forgiveness are five construction workers in a family business that are crucial for the building of our own Habitat for Humanity.