Brussats: Spiritual Rx

Brussats: Spiritual Rx

“Spirituality won’t solve all your problems, but it will help you deal with them. The first step is to examine your symptoms--what is really happening in your life—to see what they reveal about the best spiritual practices for you.” Frederic and Mary Ann Brussats, Spiritual Rx. p. 16.


Well known writers about spirituality for five decades, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussats, have written extensively about spiritual practices. My favorite book is Spiritual Rx, which is a rich resource for 37 spiritual practices, markers for the spiritual life, their alphabet of Spiritual Literacy, each of which is common in the world’s major religions. With each practice, there is an extensive discussion about it from the basic practice to teachers of the practice, videos, rituals, prayers or mantra, journal exercises, storytelling, community projects, fiction, poetry, art, music.

For example, if you are someone living in the past or future, the opposite of this symptom is being present. The spiritual practice of being present includes reading Brother Lawrence’s Writings and Conversations on the Practice of the Presence of God, viewing the German film, Wings of Desire, imaging exercises of sensing God’s presence all around you, practicing free intuitive writing, watching children at play who live in the moment, learning about Haiku, listening to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony.

Advent or Lent could be no better time to read this book alone or in a group.