Charleston: Born Seeker

Charleston: Born Seeker

“You have the gift of a curious spirit. You have a faith deeply rooted in what your lifetime of experience has shown you so far, but you are never afraid to encounter a new idea. This gives you an instinct for compassion, a concern for justice, and an ability not to take reality too seriously. In short, you are one of the spiritual pathfinders that the rest of us rely on. How do I know all of this? Because if you take time to read what I write you are tolerant of change and patient with uncertainty. In a word, you are a born seeker.” Bishop Charleston Daily Facebook email


Seekers. We are all born seekers, searching after what brings us peace. Is it knowledge, fame, family, money, relationships?  Are we seeking what we didn’t have as children?  Are we seeking to harm those who have harmed us? 

My experience is that we all are seeking to fill our “God hole.”  I just know there is an emptiness inside that can only be nourished by our relationship to the God of love, the source of our being. I know because I have tried unsuccessfully to fill that hole with so many of these things…. And more.

I listen to what others as well have filled their God hole. We talk about how everything we try to fill our God hole inside of us becomes like an addiction. It may be helpful at first, but as time goes on we need more and more of it to fill the hole. We can never get enough.

Somewhere along the journey we meet someone who shows us in his or her living that only God and God’s love can fill that hole. This person may not talk about Christ, but he or she is the person who sees Christ in us, sometimes for the first time.

This may be our only job as a seeker to find the love of God inside of ourselves and then show others the love of Christ that also lives in them.