Charleston: Good Enough

Charleston: You are good enough

“Yes, you are good enough. And smart enough. And talented enough to do all the things the Spirit has set before you. Trust in your own value. Be confident in your direction.” Steven Charleston, Bishop Steven Charleston Daily Emails

hands of St Emma  DOK chapter by Chris Schaefer

hands of St Emma  DOK chapter by Chris Schaefer

This word from Steven Charleston came the morning I desperately needed it. The day before I allowed someone to push my “you are not good enough” button. How amazing these wounds from childhood stay with us. We work on them, learn we need only the approval of God, that God loves us where we are, and a nice scar develops over this wound that then seems to open up ever so easily.

Why do we keep experiencing this? My best answer is because we are human and we make mistakes. A better answer may be that in working through these feelings, we can more deeply identify with all those who daily, hourly, every minute are told they are “not good enough.” Unfortunately, we also are reminded that we  are sometimes the ones who may say to others in words or our body language that they are “not good enough.” These are not words we heard from Jesus.

As I now have been reminded how it feels to be put down, my prayer is that I can reach out to others who experience this and offer compassion as Bishop Charleston does, letting them know, they are “good enough.”  Today, this is the answer for me. As I write, I have called and visited others today who are homebound, those who have told me they feel left out, discarded, not worthy.  My whole attitude has changed. As I reach out of myself, become more accepting of my humanness and I touch the wounds of others, they heal me, and my prayer is that I may bring some healing to them.

Constantly God calls us to community to be healed.