Starting Schools and Dolphins and Turtles

Starting Schools and dolphins and turtles

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came.” John F. Kennedy

Newly hatched turtle tracks in the sand

Newly hatched turtle tracks in the sand

I arise early before dawn and watch the world come alive on the sea. The gulf is smooth with almost no waves. Its appearance is more like a glassy lake than the roaring ocean. It is so calm I can see schools of fish moving rhythmically near the shore. There are more dolphins than I have ever seen before. They are swimming to my right, to the left, in the water in front of the condo. The large mammals move like ballet dancers in slow motion with poise and confidence. Schools of fish. Schools of dolphins.

My two granddaughters are starting new schools today, one starting college, the other starting high school. I want to send them love for their new adventure. I think most of us can still remember our first college class, our first day of high school.  Could all of nature also be celebrating these new journeys with my granddaughters and all others starting a new adventure this early morning? I will just take it as a possible sign that generates warmth in my heart to send on to them.

My husband goes down to the beach to talk to a gathering of turtle volunteers about the turtle nest in front of our condo. There are tracks from at least one of the clutch that wobbled down to the sea last night. More turtle people arrive and wait for what they call the boil, when the rest of the 120 turtles hatch. Today, perhaps 119 turtles will start a new journey just like Langley and Zoe.

I am overwhelmed about our ability to feel and send connection to the world around us, to Nature, and to those we so dearly love who are apart from us.  I still feel this connection to my grandparents that began so many years ago. 

Today all the world as far as I can see seems to be affirming love and connection and new beginnings.