God Callings and Meetings

God Callings

The many things we have to do, the hundred and one calls on our time and attention, don't get between ourselves and God. On the contrary they are to us in very truth his Body and his Blood.  

—H. A. Williams in The Joy of God. Synthesis Quote of the Day, August 10, 2018.www.synthesispub.com


Well, this is a novel idea! We anticipate during the day the quiet time that we will have writing or walking or at centering prayer, but the interactions we have with people during the day and our work are just as much a part of our relationship with God!

 The God within us is meeting with the God in our neighbor or the patients we work with or our co-workers or our partners or the children we teach or our fellow students. This is like turning on a switch in our brain. Our life is not divided into parts. Every part of our being is an offering. Every second, every hour is an opportunity to share the love we have been so freely given. We should tape Williams quote to the back of our cell phones to remind us when we get that last-minute phone call just as we are leaving our office.

My experience actually has been that they have been some of the most important calls I have had. It could be a novel idea to imagine that it is God calling.

This is a blending of the doing and the being aspects of our lives, our Martha and the Mary parts. Perhaps at times, we are called to be more being and at other times more doing. I think Williams is asking us to consider both of these as offerings to God.

I wonder if Jesus’ story of his visit to Mary and Martha would have been different if Martha had believed her doing was just as important, but not more important than Mary’s being?  

Joanna  joannaseibert.com