Society of St. John: Offer Companionship on Tenth Day of Christmas

Society of St. John: the Evangelist: Offer Companionship on Tenth Day of Christmas

“As we approach the Christmas season, think of someone in your own life who is sad, or lonely, or hurting, and pledge to say or do something to help bring God’s healing love into their lives. Invite them for a coffee, or a meal. Pay them a visit. Phone them. Show them that they are not alone.” -Br. Geoffrey Tristram, “Brother Give Us a Word,” Daily Email, December 19, 2017, Society of Saint John the Evangelist,

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The Brothers of St. John the Evangelist offer us a reminder of gifts we have to offer for Christmas. There are 12 days of Christmas between Christmas Day and Epiphany on January 6. These should be slow down times for us where we can re-center. Many children are still out of school waiting for us to play with them. There is no better way to connect to the Christ born within us than connecting to the newly born Christ in children who have not developed any worldly masks of protection which also often hide Christ’s essence.

We all have neighbors and friends we have neglected because of our busyness. This is the time to offer to them our precious gift of time. Present with them is where the Christ Child has been born and is waiting to see us as well.