Love never dies

Love never dies

“Love never dies.” 1 Corinthians 13:8

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I have heard this passage from 1 Corinthians about love so many times, but when I heard it this Sunday directly from our friend, Paul and our preacher Michael McCain, I was moved to tears. I have told people who are grieving that the love they have for and from their loved one is still there and never dies. I don’t understand it. It is a mystery.

I know I look at pictures of my brother, my grandparents who have died and I can feel their love and in turn feel the love I have for them. Buechner and Nouwen tell us that our bodies die but the love we have for others and the love we feel from another somehow returns to God and is kept for all eternity. If you are a mystic, you have no difficulty understanding this. If you are a person who understands by rational thinking, this may be a difficult concept.

So why did this passage so move me Sunday? As I grow older, I have been obsessing about how I will already so miss friends and family members when they die and when I die. Suddenly I know in my heart that the love we have for each other will never die. We will never be lonely. Their love for us is still present. Our love for them is still present.

I believe that in some mysterious way this love never dies and is carried forward to make a change in them, in ourselves, and in the universe.