Normal Resurrection


“Our memory of Jesus’ resurrection fails us if we only understand his resurrection as a miracle. Jesus’ resurrection was indeed a miracle; however, Jesus’ resurrection needs to be more than a miracle. It needs to be normal … every day … how we live and breathe: with resurrection power.” —Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE, from “Brother, Give Us a Word,” a daily email sent to friends and followers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (

Easter Banner, Trinity Cathedral

Easter Banner, Trinity Cathedral

This is at the heart of spiritual direction, helping spiritual friends see daily, yearly resurrection in their lives in the daily, yearly Good Fridays that present themselves. It often does take more than three days to become aware of these resurrections. As we grow more conscious of the resurrections, we become more open to trust and become a little more patient that there will be a resurrection out of each new darkness we face.

My experience also is that I most often draw closer, spend more time with God during the darkness. It is in the dark Good Fridays of my life that I learn about surrender, where I “re-turn” my life and my will over to God.

A close family member or friend dies. We learn about the sacredness of life and spend more time living in the present with gratitude for each day. We learn to honor and be grateful for the relationship we had by extending to others the love and kindness we learned in that relationship.

Our children act out. We see our part in it and try to change our relationship with them. Our job becomes more and more difficult. We finally leave it or maybe even are fired. After much time we find a job that is our bliss. A medical illness slows us down. We seek a more meaningful life by living at a slower pace, a day at a time. We are caught in our addiction and lose our job. We change our whole life-style and outlook on life in order to live without the addiction. Someone has harmed us mentally, physically, or spiritually. Over much time we realize that unless we can forgive and move on, that person is still hurting us. We then slowly learn about daily forgiveness for the small hurts we feel each day.

Miracles that become the ordinary. God at work in our lives. Resurrection.



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