To the Joyous

“Shield the joyous; and all for your love’s sake.” —Order of Compline, The Book of Common Prayer (Church Publishing, Inc.), p. 134.


“The joyous.” I know these people. I have worked with them. I live with them. I go to the symphony with them. I read their postings on Facebook. They call me in the early morning on the way to work every day. I go to church with them. I serve with them.

I especially find them at one place I never suspected, at our church’s weekly Food Pantry. They are not only the joyful people who serve there, but they are the people who come once a month for food. That is why I selfishly go, not necessarily to offer light, but to receive it, especially from the neediest families. I sit and ask them how they are doing. “I am blessed,” is their response. They bring each other to the Food Pantry and talk about how they are going to share the meals together.

They share poignant stories of how God has been working in their lives, caring for them. They have never met a stranger. They ask us how we have been doing since we last met. Their voices echo laughter. They ask for prayers for other family members. They are teaching us how to live.


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