Wedding of Jennifer Cobb and Christopher Travis

Wedding of Jennifer Cobb and Christopher Travis

Saturday June 24, 2017 10:30 am Curran Hall

Jennifer and Christopher, what a privilege for Patricia and me to be with you and your families on your wedding day. You, your children, your parents, your families are very special to both us. 

Jennifer, I have known you longer as you grew up with our sons, but we really got to know both of you better when Patricia and I were at Trinity Cathedral, and you both were so involved on the board of the Cathedral School. You both worked so hard to make that school work for your children and so many others, and you did an amazing job.

Then without warning overnight the school was taken away from us./ My most sacred memory of all that tragedy is that of you, Jennifer,  singing as you walked out of the Cathedral with tears flowing down your face/ and carrying a single bright candle/ out of the church/ at the closing and final graduation the next day.  Well, you both indeed have become our icons of carrying a bright light out from all that tragedy to make this world a brighter place. You both have carried out the bright light of what you and your children learned at that school, and have made this city,/ this state,/ a much better place because of you.

 As you were doing all this, isn’t it amazing how the process of recovery also brought you together,/ and you fell in love. Out of great tragedy,/ came love. This is always, always the way God works. It is also called resurrection. Remember this. Remember this. Out of every difficulty you will face together in this new life, the God who so loves both of you/ so deeply can bring light and a new life to every situation. Never forget this. Keep reminding each other. You are resurrection people. Your love, your marriage is a resurrection story.


At dismissal:


Jennifer and Christopher asked us to end this ceremony with a special dismissal./ It was written by Dean Charles Higgins as a charge to graduates of The Cathedral School. Both Jennifer and Chris heard it spoken at their graduations, as did Graham, Shawn and Charles. It perfectly captures the values Jennifer and Chris wish to teach and model for their children.

Dear friends and family,

As you leave here today,

 see to it in your life and work that you put truth above ambition,

 compassion above popularity,

justice above self-interest,

and love above all.

Bear yourselves with uprightness and integrity to the glory of God,

 and may God guide and bless you always.