Finding Time

“That’s when I stumbled across a quote from Rabbi Harold Kushner: ‘for the religious mind and soul, the issue has never been the existence of God but the importance of God, the difference God makes in the way we live.’ I made a copy of that quote and taped it on the top of my keyboard. It reminds me that I am not writing about religion. I am writing about God and the difference God makes in the way we live with and among each other individually and collectivelyl”

John McQuiston II, Finding Time for the Timeless. Spirituality in the Workplace  2004 


Memphis lawyer, John McQuiston II,  is best known for his modern translation of the rule of Benedict, Always we Begin Again. This third book by the author is a collection of real life examples of spiritual practices of forty-two people known to McQuiston from varied religious and ethnic backgrounds who try to bring their spirituality to their workplace. The quote above is from his story about a Memphis religious writer of a column called, “Faith Matters, or as he explains, it is not Religion Matters or Church Matters or Christianity Matters, but Faith Matters.”

A Jewish engineer makes a gratitude list each morning in his 30 minute drive to work. His office computer is programmed to ask him: “What are you thankful for today?”  The founding of an accounting firm develops a “mental peace” each morning by walking to work. A Greek orthodox dentist wears a cross under his shirt so he can constantly feel God’s presence. He frequently says the Jesus prayer and has icons in his office.

 Interspersed are also five short essays by McQuiston of his own awareness of how spiritual practices increase the quality of the rest of his life, encouraging readers to find a practice that brings them joy as well. 

There is also an annotated reading list as well as an excellent summary or menu at the end of the book of the different practices described.  The book is like a visit to a five star restaurant where we experience a little taste of spiritual practices from many modern and varied sources. We are then invited to make a selection to experience our own life changing diet.