Charleston Gladness, Grateful, Acceptance, at Peace

“Be glad today for the many small graces that line the path of our lives like flowers. Be grateful for the chance once more to see those that are so dearly loved. Be at peace in heart and soul for what this day brings since all of time is in hands that will not let you fall. Be open to the surprises that may come and alert to the quiet messages whispered on the wind. Be creative in how you shape your life in these few hours for every day is a blank canvas. Be a blessing to others as the night draws near and let your evening prayers keep them safe until you awake again.” Steven Charleston


Every day we have choices. First, we can obsess over the past, what we have lost, mistakes we have made. Second, we can obsess over the future, what we will lose, especially as we age as well as mistakes we will soon make. The past and our future become our “gods, taking up rent in our heads”, consuming all our time and energy. Our mind keeps racing faster to try to find a solution. Our third choice is living moment by moment in the present. We can enjoy, treasure, give thanks for the gifts of each day, what comes to us in each present moment. This involves a great deal of awareness of our surroundings and of our relationships, enlarging our world view, getting out of ourselves. The paradox is that we should not forget the mistakes we have made but learn from them so that we may not make them again in the future. Acceptance of ourselves as works in progress, not works seeking perfection is huge. Acceptance that there is a power greater than ourselves caring for us is huger.  I daily talk with people who were upset about plans that were not going their way only to find out later that they were so thankful because “their plan” would have been destructive. I think of old boyfriends I obsessed about who ignored me as a teenager. I realize today that my life would have been a disaster with them.  I think of people who came and continue to come into my life to change its direction when I am going the wrong way. I think of people who cared for our children when we couldn’t or were not the ones they needed at the time. A constant source of anxiety with age is our health, the death of our spouse, living on a fixed income. There are so many uncertainties.

We do have a part. We can do our best to keep ourselves healthy with diet and exercise and proper medical care, but then our best choice is to wake up each morning with gratitude for the gifts of another day together.   Acceptance and Gratitude are our cornerstones, the major building blocks to peace and serenity. I am writing this so I will continue to believe it.